Jim Robb


Issue: 2019-09-11, PHOTO: Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé

It’s morning in Beaver Creek and fog has rolled in. Sid and I are packed and ready to head to Whitehorse. We meet outside the Visitor Information Centre. A crisp breeze hits the nape of our necks and we know winter is on its way. Read more

, Yukon People

Macs Xmas Books.jpeg

Issue: 2016-11-30, PHOTO: Jessica Simon

Every December since 2009, Lise Schonewille, manager of Mac’s Fireweed Books, celebrates Winterval, the start of the holiday season, with local authors in the store. Over the years the event has showcased a diverse collection of Yukon literature... Read more


1.Doug & Bev.jpeg

Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTO: courtesy of the Klondike Visitors Association

Employees at Klondike Visitors Association were surprised to find that a Jim Robb original hung on the wall for the centre. Early in summer, a call from Doug Thomas (also known as Gold Nougie Dougie), revealed to them that a painting of the Palace... Read more

Yukon See It Here

In the last 53 years of making artwork, the Yukon's beloved artist Jim Robb has steered pretty clear of doing art shows. It's a curious situation, since he has a deep love of sharing the colourful history of the Yukon, and in return, his pen, ink,... Read more

Yukon Arts

I live along the Alaska Highway and when I step out of my house I am in the wilderness. Though I normally live in the wilderness, I can always find a little wilderness wherever I go. When I lived in The Hague, the North Sea and it's beaches and... Read more

Yukon Outside

If it's true that artists force a culture to come to terms with itself, then few people have helped define the Yukon more than Jim Robb. We all know his work: the billowing drifts of snow, the wispy chimney smoke, the happy huskies and, of course... Read more

Yukon People

It was 1983, following a suggestion by then Whitehorse Mayor, Flo Whyard, that the work of local artists first began being displayed on NorthwesTel phone books. Read more

Yukon Arts

Yukon legend Dick Stevenson earned his status honestly, which, according to Captain Dick's Au'toe'biography: One Toe of a Tale, is a rarity for the captain of the Yukon Lou and the creator of the SourToe Cocktail. Read more


Ben Mueller is the character in Timber Rabbits – A Northern Mystery of Men, Madness, Murder, and Mutilation.... Of course Mueller, played by George Maratos, doesn't help himself out much and therein lies much of the comedy and drama.... Read more

Theatre - Dance

Naturally, I miss the Yukon. Though, to be specific, it certainly wouldn't be the weather (heh ... sorry), but far more importantly, the people. The territory not only has a high concentration of Chinese food restaurants and hairdressers, but... Read more