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Freelancer John Boivin is a writer and painter who lives in Whitehorse.

Nunez is one of the finalists in the Pinoy New Talent Singing Idol 2013 contest, taking place at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre in Whitehorse. It's a kind of Canadian Idol for the Filipino community. The national contest is holding its Yukon regiona Read more

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The gallery, the Yukon's only not-for-profit artists' co-operative, is celebrating a decade of artist support with a show by one of its original members, Lillian Loponen. The co-op's accomplished watercolourist will present "a melody of old and new v Read more

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Twelve months ago, Harreson Tanner thought he was leaving the Yukon for good. Like many seniors, Tanner wanted to be closer to his children and grandchildren. So he and his wife sold their Riverdale home and moved to Ontario. Read more

Yukon Arts

Two things are important to Andrea Sinclair: family, and curling. In the end, it was one that took her away from the other. "It was my dad's idea, actually," the 20-year-old says about moving away from her family in Ottawa. "I had a fairly disappoin Read more

"Okay, it should be near... here... six metres... four metres..." Shane Griffiths says, reading from a display on his iPhone.What we're looking for, I'm not sure — just that someone has hidden a container somewhere behind Yukon College. Something Read more

Yukon Outside

The restaurant might have had a name; I certainly didn't notice it as we were walking down an ancient cobblestone street in Piacenza, a small city south of Milan. All I remember is all of a sudden being pulled into a brightly-lit room filled with Read more

Yukon Outside

There is a world when people close their eyes and open their hearts, to see - Raistlen Jones, artist's statement. That land is Tir'Nan'Og. Whitehorse painter and sculptor Raistlen Jones has seen it, felt it, and is now sharing it with a wider world. Read more

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Willett runs the newest dog sanctuary in the Yukon - and the only one run by a private individual. It's a dog shelter with a very specific purpose and goal; to rehabilitate and care for racing dogs - working dogs, as she calls them. Read more

Making A Difference!

I think we may have been talking too much," says Eleanor O'Donovan. She's on the crest of a hill facing Grey Mountain, staring intently at her compass and map."You don't pay attention, it's easy to lose your way."We're about 45 minutes into our orien Read more

Yukon Summer

Jay Hambleton seems at home in the exhibition room of the Copper Moon Gallery, waiting for the crowds to arrive for his very first show. He ought to feel at home; he grew up in a gallery. Read more

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"You gotta check this out," says Philippe LeBlond, pointing to a steel barrel on wheels attached to his bike at the back of the garage.The barrel has a sticker on it: Yukon Brewing."You can tell who our team sponsor is for the Kluane-Chilkat bike Read more

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Two weeks ago, battling wind that whipped sand across their faces and canvases, a group of 15 artists hunkered down in the Carcross sand dunes to document the area's beauty. Another 35 or so folks spent the afternoon there, too, strolling through the Read more


The Yukon's beauty stuns. And yet even in this context the Tombstone Territorial Park stands out. It's a kind of iconic distillation of the Yukon's beauty.This summer, you'll be able to see that landscape through the eyes of 10 artists ... Read more

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In Northwest Revisited, John Boivin finds a new lyricism in his brushwork. He also makes a personal and shared connection with a little known facet of the history of Yukon art. I figure that culture is partly art that talks to other art ... Read more

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