Issue: 2019-12-04, PHOTO: Mark Kelly

Winter had not yet fully set in in Whitehorse, but you wouldn’t know that on the grey and blustery day I met with four Yukon citizen journalists by the SS Klondike. Paige Hopkins, Emily Turner-Davis, Geri-Lee Buyck and Rosemary Oslund... Read more

Making A Difference!


Issue: 2018-03-28, PHOTO: courtesy of the Government of Yukon

On Friday, February 18, 1949 under a bold headline reading: “No Excuses, Please,” Horace E. Moore, publisher of The Whitehorse Star, wrote a scathing editorial directed at federal and territorial politicians in which he reminded them 1949 was an... Read more

Yukon History


Issue: 2017-05-31, PHOTO: Pixabay

I'm sitting in my skivvies, contemplating what pearls of wisdom to cram into a 400-word space. As I advise my writing students, when you feel stuck, start with a word. Any word. Today, that word is "engagement". In my days as a working journalist... Read more


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Issue: 2017-01-11, PHOTO: IMDb

“It’s like everybody knows the story,” muses a reporter to her colleague. “Except us.” The journalists of “Spotlight,” a legendary investigative unit at the Boston Globe, won a Pulitzer for a series of revelatory articles on the cover-up of child... Read more

Photography - Film


Issue: 2016-05-26, PHOTO: Andrée Lantier

Don't bother asking Damien Atkins whether or not he believes in UFOs. He won't tell you. What the Toronto-based playwright and actor will do instead is talk about his one-person play, We Are Not Alone, which he's bringing to Whitehorse next month... Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2016-03-10, PHOTO: Elke Reinhauer

Murder, betrayal or New Year celebrations - these are the topics on the list. It is December 30 and we have to decide which story will be on the cover of tomorrow’s newspaper. Unfortunately, there will be blood leaking from the newspaper on New... Read more

Travel Outside

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Issue: 2016-02-18, PHOTO: Leigh Righton

Louise Burns, a Canadian singer-songwriter and former member of the girl band Lillix, just completed a month’s residency in Dawson City as the songwriter in residence. The Vancouver musician says it was her boyfriend who found the opportunity... Read more

Yukon Music

whitaker.use.this (2).jpg

Issue: 2015-09-24 PHOTO: Courtesy of Robert Whitaker

American investigative journalist Robert Whitaker is one of the world’s leading authorities on mental health, and in particular, the way the psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry have consistently shifted attention away from... Read more

Health and Wellness

AB Hall.jpg

Issue: 2015-05-28 Photo: Dan Davidson

By the time you read this I’ll be “Exploring the Frontiers of Language” in Skagway, attending this year’s edition of the North Words Writers Symposium. I’ve been at most of these gatherings since the first one in 2010 and have found the trip a... Read more


Jackfish Girl

Photo: courtesy of Claire Ness

Whitehorse-based singer-songwriter and comedian Claire Ness is right in her element; the local performer is releasing a new live album called Jackfish Girl, which will drop with a celebratory concert on September 26 at the Old Fire Hall. Read more

Yukon Music

_DSC5171 - Version 3.jpeg

August 28, 2014

Keno.The tiny mining town 60 km north of Mayo is just far enough off the beaten track to possess exotic appeal. Ask Lara Lewis, vocalist and keyboardist for the Whitehorse band, Black Iron Blossom.“Keno has a certain allure to it,” says Lewis. Read more

Yukon Music

Shirley McLean comes from a family of storytellers and continues the tradition, but adds her own spin. For 17 years she's worked in mainstream and non-mainstream media and produced documentaries on issues focusing on First Nations across Canada. Read more

Yukon People

Tor Forsberg writes from Watson Lake. Her publishing credits include "Me Yukon", which won the 2009 LUSH short story competition sponsored by subTerrain magazine, a story anthologized in Polar Express and numerous profiles and features for the Yukon Read more


Blogging is "a dangerous medium for personal exposure." So says Andrew Robulack, a Whitehorse technophile, columnist and long-time blogger. Read more


But what What's Up Yukon offers that online information-sharing cannot is a sense of place and a sense of shared experience. Read more


It is with your support these past years that our community entertainment magazine has grown to what it is today. We didn't create the events, shows, concerts, and games that are featured in this magazine... Yukoners did. It is our neighbour's talent Read more

Yukon Business

I can't thank each of What's Up Yukon's readers personally for their patience as I try to find my way through this stint as guest editor. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Last week, I visited the Wall Street Journal website to read the most recent article by my favourite wine writers, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher ... it wasn't there! They retired at the end of 2009... Read more


"Cool", as I understand and appreciate the word, originated from jazz music: the saxophone player doesn't acknowledge the audience; he leans into his instrument and gives enough to come tantalizingly close to the edge of rapture.... Read more


Laying out the paper is like a controlled plane crash," my editor said across the table from me at A&W, pausing with a knowing-turned-quizzical look that seemed to say, You do know what I'm talking about, don't you? Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns