Julia Mertz

Mertz, Julia

Julia Mertz is an Islander turned Northerner. Her fascination for the Yukon has lured her into hiking, foraging and writing - while happily crocheting and snowshoeing her way through the winters. 


Issue: 2017-09-27, PHOTO: Alex Jegier

Wandering down the dirt roads of Dawson City, you may find yourself charmed by the quirky café nestled right beside a worn-and-torn building straight out of the gold rush. The Alchemy Café was constructed over a period of four years with the... Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2017-09-13, PHOTO: Alexander Jegier

I never took much notice of something as simple as the seasons until moving North. Pre-Yukon, I was rather unmoved by the monotonous blend of greens extending from the mossy forest floor to the heights of the coniferous giants on Vancouver Island... Read more

Yukon Outside