Keitha Clark

Keith Clark (left), Brenda Berezan and Kate Weekes

Danny Macdonald

A local Whitehorse book group, inspired by the epic poem Beowulf, have composed songs that will be performed on August 13. Keitha Clark, Kate Weekes and Brenda Berezan originally joked about the idea of writing songs based on the poem, but then one e Read more

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Issue: 2017-03-29, PHOTO: Edith Belanger

The fiddling tradition is alive and well in the Yukon thanks to the Fiddleheads, a group of young fiddlers ranging in age from seven to fourteen years old. The local youth fiddle club is teaming up with groups in Haines Junction and Dawson City to... Read more

Yukon Music


What's Up Yukon May 12, 2016 Issue

Fiddleheads’ musical play at the Transportation Museum May 13 and 14 weaves fiddle music with stories from Yukon's transportation past Read more

, Yukon Music

Founded in 1998, the YWIM collective brings together female singer-songwriters who pool their talent and resources for concerts and recording opportunities. To date, it has released a live album, a sampler of pre-recorded tracks and a more cohesive Read more

Yukon Music

This music has a long history in the territory: the jigs and reels of the fiddle have been documented in the North since 1847. In Old Crow, fiddles have been popular since Archie Linklater, a Scot from Manitoba, came to the Yukon and married a Gwitch Read more

Yukon Music

The wild, infectious fiddling of Old Crow's Boyd Benjamin rings through Shipyards Park, coaxing people to dance as he works his way through jigs, reels and duck dances with his band, Home Sweet Home. Read more

Yukon Music

The Town of Faro will soon be taken over by teenage girls on a mission. Musical instruments in hand, they will immerse themselves in music for a four-day weekend at the first-ever Faro Girls Music Camp, beginning June 2. Read more


The "primer coat" of this CD may be old-time mountain music, but to leave the description there, would be grossly simplistic and leave a false impression of what is contained within these tracks. Read more

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Classically trained in guitar and well-versed in the banjo, Kim Barlow has been releasing albums of her own hauntingly beautiful roots/folk music for years, notably in her 2003 Juno award-nominated album, Gingerbread and in 2007's Champ. Read more

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