Klondike River


Issue: 2017-09-20, PHOTO: Pixabay

It is easy to laugh at the antics of ravens. They are quirky, curious and yes, funny. A well-known title they carry among First Nations people is that of Trickster, known for their pranks and intelligence. Read more

Dawson City


August 28, 2014

Some people are just not content to watch the river flow.They have to get in it and, as Ratty said to Mole in The Wind in the Willows, “mess about in boats.”It can be contagious. Our current Berton House writer-in-residence is Anik See. See is a fre Read more

Dawson City


July 3-2014

It was a Monday evening in June, before solstice. At nine o’clock, the sun was shining hot. Dallas-rae Gaven was reading in her bathhouse-cum-cabin on her parents’ property in Goring. She was recovering from what she refers to as her ‘wrecking ball’ Read more

Dawson City