Krista Prochazka

Yukon Wild columnist Krista Prochazka

Wild LifeĀ columnist Krista Prochazka is the former executive directory for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. During her time there she wrote 16 heart warming stories of her experiences.

Our first big encounter was bison. While I am fortunate to see bison most every day, and often very close up, seeing them graze along the highway was incredibly exciting. Read more

Yukon Wildlife

The truth is, this place really is for kids. But when I think of it, this place was built not only for them, but also for the kid inside all of us. Read more

Yukon Wildlife

It was another one of these fabulous spring-like days we've been having. The mountains were covered with snow, the sky was blue, the sun was blazing through my windows and the caribou were grazing on the horizon. Read more

Yukon Wildlife

Since work began on our trail (thank you Chris and Cole!), I could think of nothing but cross-country skiing. In my mind, I would ski every day, check in on the animals and get some sunlight in this, my first full Yukon winter. Read more

Yukon Winter

To put this into perspective, I had been working at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve for about two months before I got within a kilometre of any moose. The day I did, I called home, woke my husband, blogged about it and bragged to anyone who would listen. Read more

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Recently, I was sitting at my desk when a red fox paused outside of my window. Just near the edge of the decking, he rather abruptly came to a halt, assuming a stalker-like position. Read more

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Issue: 2012-11-22

There's nothing like the fun of picking out and decorating the perfect Christmas tree to put you in the holiday spirit. But if one tree can put you in the holiday spirit, what will 30 do? The NorthwesTel Festival of Trees is gearing up for their... Read more

Yukon Christmas

It's a walking, talking paradox ... well, mostly it's a walking paradox: If wearing socks with sandals is so wrong, why do so many of us do it? I like to think it's because we Yukoners are soooo polite. If our tourists do it, whether it be from poor Read more