Laurence Lambin

I’ve been living in a cabin downtown this past week, near the Pioneer Cemetery. It's a little one-room shack with hot water and electricity. Not exactly the bush life, but still. This cabin belongs to a Swiss couple, Felix and Astrid Vogt, who have Read more

Yukon People

Most nights, I go somewhere in the hills behind Riverdale, buried in all my warm clothes, and there, standing still, I look at the sky for long hours, until the cold air makes its way through my layers. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, an opening in the clou Read more

Yukon Business

I arrived in Whiterhorse in the middle of the night after riding Greyhound buses across the country for five days. The last thing I wanted was to sit again, but at 4:30 a.m., feeling cold just because Read more

Yukon People