Issue: 2018-09-12, PHOTO: Tracy Illebrun

This is the story of a dog called Charlie, who was born in May 2008 and died in June 2018. He was the companion of Tracy, who got him initially as her two girls really, really wanted a puppy. They promised to walk him, feed him and do all the... Read more

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Primary Source: Hougen's History, a CKRW Yukon nugget by Les McLaughlin

It's a story many times told but never gets old, this tale of Kate and Otto Partridge of Ben-My-Chree, which is Manx for "Girl of my Heart" and is the greatest love story in the history of the Yukon. Read more

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Issue: 2018-02-28, PHOTO: Robert Couse-Baker on

I need a little help here, folks. Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, but it’s left me in a bit of a quandary. This isn’t an event Herself and I normally celebrate with a lot of folderol and fiddle-dee-dee. A nice card, a special hug, a... Read more


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Issue: 2017-10-18, Screenshot: Kylie Campbell

Perpetually single and constantly moving all over the world, settling into a new place can be tough. How do you meet people? How do you get into a good clique? How do you meet a decent or even “normal” person who you don’t want to throw out a... Read more

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Issue: 2016-10-26, PHOTO: courtesy of Amelia Merhar

This is part 4 of a four part series, chronicling one woman’s Tinder dating experience (or lack therof) in the North. I heard a rumour that the old pond hockey tournament in Whitehorse was started by a woman seeking to land an Alaskan husband. Read more

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Issue: 2016-06-02, PHOTO: Mel Hattie

When you think of the Greek philosopher, Plato – if you think of him at all – the expression "party animal" might not come to mind. But Zuppa Theatre Co. would like to change that. The Halifax-based troupe has taken one of Plato's best-known works... Read more

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Issue: 2016-03-03, PHOTO:

I know that self-love is important, but why is it so hard for me to practice it all the time? I often tend to put others before me and have negative thoughts about myself when situations get hard. How can I remember to use self-love more often? Read more

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Issue: 2015-12-10 PHOTO:

Many beloved Christmas films had inauspicious debuts. It’s a Wonderful Life lost money for the studio when it was released in 1946, but television viewings turned it into a bona fide classic 30 years after its release. Similarly, Love Actually... Read more

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Issue: 2015-11-19 PHOTO: Courtesy of the Yukon Film Society

Montreal filmmaker Maxime Grioux’s 2014 film, called Félix et Meria, is a forbidden love story – and it has been earning wide acclaim. It has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and it has already won... Read more

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In my five-part article “Looking for Yukon Love Online” published here in June and July 2014, I outlined my experience as a 50+ man investigating the online dating scene in Yukon. Based on my observations, I provided some suggestions about tailoring Read more

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June 5 Issue Photos

Listen, guys, I know you don’t like to talk about your feelings, but have we told you how much we love you? Twenty-five years after When Harry met Sally, people around the Internet are still asking whether or not “cross-sex friendships” are possible Read more

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June 5 Issue Photos

Dear Juniper and Johnny, Three months ago I decided to swear off casual sex because I am looking for something more than just a fling. Read more

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Yukon Love Column by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

Christina Kaiser first fell in love with the Yukon in 1998, long before she set eyes on the man she would marry. Christina, who was living in her native Germany at the time, took a trip to Canada and drove from Vancouver to Fairbanks and back that... Read more

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Juniper and Johnny - I have been with my girlfriend for three years now and I am noticing that our intimacy level has started to decline. I haven't been able help her hit the "mother lode" in a while, if you know what I mean. I want her to feel... Read more

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"I'm going to marry her someday." It was 1941 and Gordon Cameron was a 19-year-old aircraft mechanic apprenticing with Yukon Southern Airways. Bob Hunter had just shown him a photo of his family and Gordon decided then-and-there that Hunter's... Read more

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Issue: 2014-02-13, PHOTO: iStock

Dear Juniper and Johnny, My girlfriend and I were casually discussing the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use plan that was just released and we ended up getting into a very heated argument that ended in her never wanting to speak to me again. I am... Read more

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Hi Juniper & Johnny, My roommate's boyfriend of three years claims to be in the process of separating from his wife, however I believe it's a big lie. My roommate has never been to his house, he has never spent the night, they never see each other... Read more

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Dear Readers, Charley Sprucetip and I have parted ways. Fortunately, I have found an absolutely delightful and charming writing partner, Johnny Snowshoe, who has years of experience and valuable insight on love and lust in the North. Read more

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Q: There is this woman I have known for a few years now and I know she is single. I asked her out for coffee about a year ago and she said no. Lately I have been running into her again and I have been striking up conversation. I still really want... Read more

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A Northerner's Spring Horoscope: The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and spring is in the air. If you are in a relationship — you might be reflecting on the winter and how your partner will look in the bright light of summer when northe Read more

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