Mark Preston

abstractpapermaskpanel (copy).jpeg

Issue: 2017-01-18, PHOTO: Alex Gibson

Looking out my window at pristine snow, there are no human footprints on the forest floor. White, frosty, elemental, shadow. I can only imagine that similar images influence the spectacular work of Mark Preston... Read more

Yukon Arts

Sitting in Starbucks with Mark Preston, it's hard to shake the feeling of being in the artist's own studio. Not only do the walls of the downtown café display several of his works, but Preston has a small laptop open in front of him ... Read more

Yukon Arts

Mark Preston's show at Arts Underground is titled with his name, then subtitled with a list of materials. To Wood Stone Metal Cloth Sculpture Jewelry Painting could be added "paper, drawing and a kind of printmaking". Read more

Yukon Arts