Michael Schroeder

Michael Schroeder is an Australian traveller interested in the raw environment and community spirit of Dawson City. He feels Dawson is home away from home.

With a range spanning from powerful baritone to delicate and intricate, he drives his music with a confidence and ability that makes you pay attention. Following a European tour, Andersen will be playing in the Yukon in early October. Read more

Yukon Music

Maybe it's true. After all, how many people get to work in such beautiful and remote areas, the kind of places the rest of us go to on our weekends? With that in mind, I decided to give my hiking some purpose this summer and signed up for the Yukon Read more

Yukon Outside

There are many ways to enjoy the midnight sun. Fishing, hiking and gardening are all popular, but how about running a marathon? That's right, on June 23, Mayo will host the 17th annual Mayo Midnight Marathon. Read more


Stephen Kurth and Stephen Johnson stand on the dike in Dawson City on a sunny morning peering intently through binoculars at the top of the Midnight Dome, watching the breeze catch the thin ribbons on a homemade wind indicator that was installed by J Read more

Yukon Summer

Picture the serenity of pristine mountain scenery, contrasted by the fast action of snowmobiles launched upside down on soaring jumps. That's exactly what Whitehorse filmmaker Blake Wildfong is capturing for his new film, Syndicate of Snow. Read more

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Whitehorse's All City Band Society is about far more than just making music. This largely volunteer run non-profit organization is also about creating a sense of community. "People don't realize what a benefit being able to play in a large group li Read more

Yukon Music

Dawson City has earned a place as the Yukon finalist for CBC's "Live Right Now" competition, putting the town in the running to win a $100,000 "natural playground" courtesy of The Canadian Wildlife Federation, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and Park Read more

Yukon Active

Peter Menzies' commitment to trades education at Robert Service School (RSS) in Dawson City is setting an example for the Yukon. According to Menzies, a teacher since 2004, there is a serious lack of technology-based education in rural Yukon schools Read more

Yukon Education