Miranda Booth

A voice in her periphery, one that was indelibly twisted into her memories, rose above the unfolding dialogue in her mind and, like the instinct to swat away a buzzing fly, she had to look. She’d been occupying a tucked-away booth Read more


BNW 2015 067 (2).jpg

Issue: 2015-03-19 PHOTO: Christian Kuntz Photography

Nostalgia: sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes…it’s bagpipes. Brave New Works (BNW), the annual Whitehorse-based multidisciplinary performing arts collective, is back with a new theme. Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2015-03-05 Photo: courtesy of Sonja Ahlers

In 2007, visual artist and poet Sonja Ahlers, experienced two major breakups, one with her boyfriend, and one with the city of Vancouver. She left both in search of a place to wipe the slate clean and grieve — and landed in Whitehorse. Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment