Issue: 2019-09-11, PHOTO: Pixabay

I love old-fashioned toasted raisin bread, but digging into some old recipes, I came across one for cranberry bread. Checking our cupboard, the only thing missing was the cranberries, but you could experiment with just about any berries. Read more


"I saw your page showcasing local food and I don’t know where to start ( so much local food available) so I thought I’d take a photo of what I used today – Little Red Hen eggs.  I love that I can go to my nearby grocery store (Bigway) and buy locally Read more

Yukon Local Food


August 14, 2014

It’s in almost everybody’s garden, and it grows totally untended in abandoned homesteads and mine sites — It must be a North American plant, right? Read more

When a prolonged winter continues cold, colder and coldest, one can counter with thoughts and tastes of the sunny South. Here is a muffin, loaded with tropical flavour to help you get through the grip of winter. The "white stuff", coconut, adds... Read more

Morning is a great time for these muffins. Low in fat, high in flavour, calcium, complex carbohydrates and fibre, one of these with a glass of milk or piece of cheese will give you a good start to a busy day. Read more