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Issue: 2019-03-13, PHOTO: Bruce Binder

Junction Arts and Music (JAM) has a big year planned. After 20 years, close to 400 events and more than 17,000 attendees, they have a lot to celebrate. They kicked off their anniversary year in January, with Sarah MacDougall performing in Haines... Read more

Haines Junction

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Issue: 2018-01-24, PHOTO: Anneke Hymmen

Yukon storyteller Ivan Coyote and songwriter Sarah MacDougall are excited to premier their latest collaboration in Whitehorse. "That really feels special, for both of us, to unwrap it for the first time in the place that made it," Coyote said... Read more

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Issue: 2018-01-17, PHOTO: courtesy of Onegin

Since Nakai Theatre launched the Pivot Festival in 2008, there have been some big names and unforgettable performances that have graced stages and pop-up theatre settings in Whitehorse. Read more

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Issue: 2017-08-16, PHOTO: Leonard Linklater

When Yukon playwright Patti Flather launched the book of her highly acclaimed play, Paradise, on a warm June evening at Baked Café in Whitehorse, Mac’s Fireweed Books sold out all their copies. “The thing about a play, is after it’s produced it’s... Read more


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Issue: 2017-03-22, PHOTO: courtesy of Nakai Theatre

On April 4th Nakai Theatre invites theatre lovers, supportive friends or simply the merely curious to attend their 24 Hour Playmaking Cabaret, held at The Deck at the High Country Inn. The event, which has been held for nearly 25 years, revolves... Read more

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Issue: 2016-10-06, PHOTO: by Sue Thomas

United Way Yukon is a charity that raises money to fund Yukon organizations. Its mandate is to fund programs that enhance the “physical, mental and social well-being” of Yukoners. So says Brian Bonia, who is United Way Yukon’s campaign cabinet... Read more

Making A Difference!

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Issue: 2016-01-21, PHOTO: artwork created by SMRT Pop Ups

If you have never attended Nakai Theatre’s annual Pivot Festival, this is a great year to jump right in. This year’s lineup combines song, acrobatics, and interactive performances to bring light and liveliness to the darkness of January. A chance... Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-18 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

Last Friday I met with David Skelton, the artistic director of Nakai Theatre, and DD Kugler, a renowned Canadian dramaturge. A dramaturge, which is an unpleasant word, functions as an advisor to a playwright. Read more

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Imagine that you had a dream and were guaranteed that you could achieve it. Would you do it? Would you sit on the fence and think about it? Would you think, “What’s the catch?” This spring, 9 playwrights in Whitehorse said yes to fulfilling the... Read more

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Have you ever had big dreams of creating a piece of theatre but weren’t sure how to start? Have you ever had a great idea for a play but had no idea how to get it on the stage? Are you looking for the chance to try out a script you have written in... Read more

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Dan Watson and Christina Serra in a scene from Ralph + Lina PHOTO: Lacey Creighton

Two distinctly different takes on the theme of family are among the highlights of this year's Nakai Pivot Festival, which kicks off on Saturday, January 17. Ralph + Lina is a two-handed "acrobatic comedy" performed by the husband and wife team ... Read more

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When a play hits the stage for its first full production, it’s travelled a long way. Often a playwright begins showcasing her work by reading a scene or two in front of friends. After that, perhaps she recruits actors and presents those same scenes Read more

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After hearing artistic director David Skelton talk about Nakai Theatre’s 24-Hour Playwriting Competition on the radio, I decide to sign up. I’m not a playwright, but, then again — maybe I am. Maybe my passion for writing has been waiting for me to Read more

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jessicahyde Getty Images/iStockphoto

In the interest of full disclosure, let me admit to being a bit of a junkie when it comes to Nakai Theatre’s 24-hour Playwriting Competition, which starts on November 8 this year. Read more

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Tyler Kuhn

Nakai's Homegrown Festival travels through a varied terrain of theatre styles and themes. Read more

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Brian Fidler's latest one-person show, which he wrote and stars in, has an inclusive quality about it. Broken, which premiered in Whitehorse in the fall of 2012, deals with Alzheimer's disease and the way it affects family relationships. Read more

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Ten years after Louis Riel was convicted of high treason and hanged, a young Cree warrior shot a cow near Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, where the so-called North-West Rebellion had begun ... Read more

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Somewhere along the line, Rick Miller wandered from Moshe Safdie's Legoland and the Bauhaus world of Walter Gropius to the raucous playground of William Shakespeare and ...wait for it! ... Homer Simpson. Read more

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Not everyone who enters Nakai Theatre's 24-hour playwriting competition is as prolific as Eva van Loon. Some writers manage to eke out nine pages or so. Others produce a respectable 28 or 30. Some miraculously manage 60 pages or more in the time allo Read more

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I went Saturday night to The River, a Nakai production, with Michael Greyeyes directing a play written by David Skelton, Judith Rudakoff and Joseph Tisiga. Read more

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