New Yukoner

New Yukoner

A New Yukoner falls in love with Yukon almost instantly.  They are brave, bold, full of wonder and have a yearn to discover.  They love people, but also appreciate the solitude of remote living.  They believe there is something more to living life and discover that missing piece when they call The Yukon home.  This is not a short term plan its the life they choose for years to come.  They have no need to change the Yukon, but only wish to add to the community and become a part of the fabric that holds us all together.

If they haven't lived their first winter in The Yukon, they would be a Cheechako.  


Issue: 2018-07-25, PHOTO: VisitLakeland on

When I was playing music in the Gold Pan Saloon, I used to see all these young men and women coming into the Yukon. They were either coming back from university, or up looking for work. And I always told the women that if they planned on staying... Read more

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Issue: 2015-04-09 PHOTO: Rebecca Reynolds

In The Debt to Pleasure John Lancaster wonders if T.S. Eliot invented the link between April and suicides, just as painter Joseph Mallord William Turner invented sunsets (Google it. I did). Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

New Yukoner discovering their new home Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Ogilvie Street is also the location of the largest grocery store in town. It's past a small plaza, with a huge parking lot, and more than once I've come running across that lot with a pack on my back and bags in my arms. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

​It's interesting how city bus drivers can reflect the personality of their town. In one large city I saw a driver pull away as a woman fell while about to board the bus; in another, I saw a passenger fall flat on her face after skidding in the slipp Read more


"How'd you get here? Why'd you stay?" Ubiquitous phrases heard in the Yukon indeed. With the sheer number of transients coming through the territory, it's a natural inclination to pose these questions to the ever-increasing population of the North. Read more


Om and his extended family say they came down to Whitehorse from the Tok, Alaska area when the ice sheets started receding. "It was kind of pretty when the grass and trees came. Of course, we're following the mammoths. Isn't everybody?" Read more

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I find the term "Outside" very strange. At first, when I had arrived in the territory, people would use the term, almost as if they were talking about someone being committed. "Oh, he's going Outside," they would say, sagely nodding their heads... Read more


"We were in Pakistan — as ever, saving children," Martin Crill says at the Baked Café, where the sun has finally come inside. "We believed Canada had forgotten about us." He worked for Save the Children UK, an independent children's charity, often i Read more

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