Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTO: wikimedia.commons

Being an adult is challenging. Eating well three times a day, every day, for an entire life is one of those things. Doing so while you are also responsible for feeding another being that is growing inside of you at an alarming rate – that’s a... Read more

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Issue: 2016-09-08, PHOTO: Selene Vakharia

What you eat and drink before a long run impacts your performance and your ability to recover, post race. If you’re looking to beat a previous time, or just finish, it’s important to focus on the fuel you are giving your body. Read more

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Issue: 2016-02-25, PHOTO: Selene Vakharia

Stress, and your body’s response to it, is inevitable. When it happens in small, infrequent amounts, it can even be a helpful and necessary function of your brain and body. You are hardwired to respond to dangerous situations – like seeing a bear... Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-30 Photo:

Dietary fat. Few issues in the world of healthy eating spark as much debate. While some stay away from it, others put tablespoons of butter in coffee. Over the past few decades, we, as a culture, have been on and off with fat more times than most... Read more

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Issue: 2015-04-23 PHOTO:

Yukoners are among the least healthy people in Canada according to a February 2015 report released by the Conference Board of Canada looking at the health status of Canadians and citizens of a select number of other countries. Read more

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Options for locally-produced and higher quality food are about to get a whole lot better in Dawson City, if the Dawson Food Secure Advocacy Group (DFSAG) has anything to say about it. Read more

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There's a saying Fay Branigan thinks everyone should know: "Feed your body, nourish your brain and soothe your soul through gardening." Read more

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Did you know you can build new brain cells at any age? It's true! Whether you are in your 30s and constantly lose your car keys, or coming into your golden years and find it increasingly hard to recall events, there is hope. Read more

Wash your produce. We are taught this from a very young age, but it particularly holds true up here in the North. Read more

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Every book needs a story, even a cookbook, and Miche Genest's Boreal Gourmet, released this month by Harbour Publishing, is just that. Read more