Paris Pick

Paris Vagabond Gypsy,

Christian Kuntz

Paris Pick hitchhiked to Whitehorse Yukon when she was 18 years old from Vancouver islands Port Hardy, BC. The young & enthusiastic artist made herself known around town quickly by crashing open mics regularly with her singing, bass playing and of course, her ukulele. Busking on main street during her leisure time dressed like a pirate was also a phase not long forgotten.

5 Years later and now 23 years old, Paris has honed in on her best skill yet, being herself. Naturally comfortable in-front of a crowd, Paris captures audiences attention with her outrageous and fashionably flamboyant stage presence.

A fancy for 4-string instruments has Paris Pick tending to wield an electric ukulele plugged through various FX-pedals.

Paris' melodies are heartening while her lyrical content remains candid, sassy and occasionaly fanciful.

Current Member of:  Paris Pick & The Pricks & Swamp Sex Robots 

Past Band Member of: Ukes of HazardThe Steiner Recliners & Sonic Poon 

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Issue- Feb24/2021

Photo: GPB Creative