Patrick Singh


Issue: 2015-07-16 PHOTO:

After closing his nightspot, Paddy’s Place, for the first time, Patrick Singh wasn’t sure what his next business venture would be. “I was lying on my couch one afternoon, and the words ‘hot dogs’ popped into my head,” he says. Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

The bearded man shrugged on his Carhartt jacket and then levelled a gaze at Genesee Keevil. She was sitting by the window, wearing a cover-your-eyes bright-pink wig, and her slightly too-loud voice only added to the spectacle. Read more

Yukon Music

"Frostbite used to see bands play ... and then you would see them play on the world stage," says Patrick Singh, Frostbite Festival's new producer and general manager. Read more

Yukon Music