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Patti Flather

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Patti Flather is an award-winning, produced and published playwright of anglo-settler descent who grew up in North Vancouver, B.C. surrounded by mountains and sea on unceded Coast Salish territory. She moved to Whitehorse in 1988 and co-founded Gwaandak Theatre with Leonard Linklater in the Yukon in 1999 to share Indigenous and Northern stories on the stage. Patti has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of B.C. Her plays include Sixty BelowWest Edmonton Mall,Where the River Meets the SeaStreet Signs (formerly The Soul Menders), the collective creations Go Angel Girlfriends and Tell Me More…, and her new playParadise, which has its world premiere at the Yukon Arts Centre this March. Patti also is a dramaturg, director, educator, fiction and screenwriter, and journalist. She has co-produced all of Gwaandak’s productions and tours, and designs and implements all artistic programming, including nurturing of new voices.

Bio taken from the Yukon Young Writer Conference in April 2015 where she was a speaker.

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Yukon writers are pairing up to give a series of weekly readings at the Whitehorse Public Library starting Feb. 5. The readings begin with Al Pope and Miche Genest, on Feb. 5, followed by Patti Flather and Clea Roberts on Feb. 12. Read more


Yukon writers are pairing up to give a series of weekly readings at the Whitehorse Public Library starting Feb. 5. The readings begin with Al Pope and Miche Genest, on Feb. 5, followed by Patti Flather and Clea Roberts on Feb. 12. Read more