Peel River Watershed

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Issue: 2016-07-14, PHOTO: Maria Gruninger

Whitehorse musician and adventurer Thorin Loeks is off on another journey. On June 4th, Loeks started to hitchhike from his home just outside of Whitehorse up to Dawson City where began a cycling trip. His initial plan was to bicycle south to... Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2016-04-14, PHOTO: Peter Mather

According to the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) website, the 3,200 kilometre stretch of mountain range running from Yellowstone to the Yukon is one of the last intact mountain ecosystems on earth. It’s amazingly still home to... Read more

The Green Issues

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Issue: 2015-10-15 PHOTO: Nicole Bauberger

In the Focus Gallery at the front of Arts Underground, Michel Gignac’s Bells and Airplanes communicates mixed emotions about his work as a guide in the Peel region over two seasons. His raw-feeling installation communicates a sense of chaos... Read more

Yukon Arts

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Issue: 2015-04-30 PHOTO: Rick Massie

Micah Quinn likes a challenge — whether it’s hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada (4265 kilometres) alone, or re-imagining a local Whitehorse coffee shop as a dynamic new hub for the community, he’s up for it. Read more

Yukon Restaurant Guide


Issue: 2015-03-05 PHOTO: courtesy of Peter Mather

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival (WSFF), screening at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre on March 5, aims to create a space “where activism gets inspired”; it is the largest environmental film festival in North America. Read more

Photography - Film

Matthew Lien's new album, Headwaters: Music of the Peel River Watershed, isn't a protest album. “What I felt about this project from the very beginning is that we're not protesting anything, we're celebrating,” he says. Read more

Yukon Music

"Everyone has those stickers that say "protect the peel" but no one even knows what the Peel looks like. I do." states Halin de Repentigny. Read more

Yukon Arts

Meet Gabriel Rivest, a Yukoner. Last summer, Rivest and five friends spent 63 days canoeing 1,500 kilometres through the six rivers in the Peel and Yukon Watersheds. He and the team brought 220 pounds of camera equipment on the trip and they are now Read more

Yukon Summer


Issue: 2014-02-13, PHOTO: iStock

Dear Juniper and Johnny, My girlfriend and I were casually discussing the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use plan that was just released and we ended up getting into a very heated argument that ended in her never wanting to speak to me again. I am... Read more

Yukon People

As every Yukoner should, I have been following the debate over the Peel Watershed Draft Land-Use Plan. It is a debate that will decide what kind of Yukon we want to live in; it will decide how the world will consider us. Read more

Yukon Active