Pink Floyd


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When “The Pink Floyd” released their 1967 experimental psychedelic classic, Piper At the Gates of Dawn, the term “Swinging London” had just been coined by Time magazine. Art school dropouts and all manner of urban Anglos were exploring music and... Read more

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Pigs on a wing

Courtesy of Mike Miller

a rock show that features Pink Floyd covers and raises funds for the Whitehorse Food Bank Read more

Yukon Music

Ummagma is a strange combination — a Yukon-Ukrainian collaboration of uplifting ethereal pop vocal mixed with rock guitar. Their music crosses genres between electronic dance music, shoegaze and dreampop and is gaining attention around the world. Read more

Yukon Music

Whitehorse musician Michael Millar is launching a British invasion, of sorts—in the form of his latest tribute band, Pigs on the Wing. Read more

Yukon Music