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This is a Kugel made with local carrots, eggs and wild mushrooms (agaricus and Oyster) . So tasty ! Read more

Yukon Local Food

Jeszika will receive food gifts from Horse Haven Ranch, Little Red Hen Eggs and Arctic Char from Icy Waters Jeszika, has sent us many many photos simply loving Yukon grown and raised foods Read more

Yukon Local Food

The couple tried out Dennis Zimmerman’s recipe p.148 in The Boreal Gourmet, our locally loved recipe bible. Delicious pickled pike on mayo with pepper and sunflower sprouts planted by the birds in their yard. Read more

Yukon Local Food


Issue: 2019-06-12, PHOTO: courtesy of Doug Sack

Cam Brewster’s World Famous Tattoo Studio on Centennial Drive in Porter Creek, located between a daycare centre and a pawn shop/second-hand store, plays the game by the rules. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

We had some local pork belly that we got from Flat Creek Farms, left over from our Easter dinner and instead of the usual Read more

Yukon Local Food

The Yukon just may very well be the kale capital of Canada. Kale is not just for chips anymore. Read more

Yukon Local Food

"I saw your page showcasing local food and I don’t know where to start ( so much local food available) so I thought I’d take a photo of what I used today – Little Red Hen eggs.  I love that I can go to my nearby grocery store (Bigway) and buy locally Read more

Yukon Local Food

What an eccentric thing is the sky / When at close of day it dances colours for my eyes. What beauty folds itself in swaddling clouds / And wraps horizon in misted shrouds. Where stars turn course, and gaily gleam / Night creeps forth.... Read more

Readers Submissions

In 2002, I embarked, with the love of my life, on a Yukon adventure I never experienced in the 29 years I lived here. Here, I confess, we were sort of living together without a "shack-up permit." Wonder what happened to that great old tradition.... Read more

Yukon Summer

How many memories are created by a simple family vacation ... Depending on how you look in the rear-view mirror, the road behind can seem rocky – one of bad luck and poor decisions – or like a yellow-brick road of which each stone.... Read more

Travel Outside

I line my pots up along Kathryn's railing. They don't make the right statement. They are the same forms I made down south, but I've left so much behind: my husband, my adult children, my home, the studio. Three thousand miles. Behind. Read more


My eyes are closed, but I can feel the gentle wind blow my hair lightly into my face. Forward, onward, it says. The fragrance of moist earth, decaying leaves and living things, envelope my senses. Branches creak and leaves flutter, letting me.... Read more

Yukon Summer

I released the cold brass doorknob and walked up a half-step into an invisible wall of ammonia, iodine, freezer-burned meat and brown-sauce stench so thick and acrid that my nose burned. The floor was shiny – impeccable – the kind that looks like.... Read more

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