Residential Schools


Issue: 2018-07-04, PHOTO: Lily Gontard

The Atlin writers’ festival not only offers music but also offers literature, readings and workshops. Yukon author Lily Gontard organizes the festival in cooperation with Yukon Writers` Collective Ink. They receive funding and sponsoring from... Read more



Issue: 2018-07-04, PHOTO: courtesy of Elevation Pictures

It was with some resignation that I went and saw the film, Indian Horse, the story of how a young Aboriginal boy survived his personal ordeal in residential school by focusing his energy on the game of hockey. Being an Aboriginal person, we get... Read more

Photography - Film


Issue: 2016-11-09, PHOTO: by David Hatherly

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action task all sectors of Canadian society to make changes that will affect “the way things are done” between First Nations people and non-First Nation Canadians. The TRC came about as a... Read more

Haines Junction

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Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTO: courtesy of Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre and David Neufeld

When you think of comics, you may think of superheroes or lovable scruffy dogs. But Rebecca Roher says comics are not only pulpy and light. Roher is a cartoonist, illustrator and educator. Comics, she says, can be used to start conversations about... Read more

Dawson City

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Issue: 2016-09-22, PHOTO: Fritz Mueller

Dennis Shorty created his first sculpture when he was eight years old. It was a moose carved out of poplar with a burbot fish skull for antlers and a bit of “fish glue” to hold them in place. He was proud of the sculpture and showed his father, ... Read more

Yukon Arts

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Issue: 2016-09-01

Steve Pitt came to the Yukon in 1982 to attend his sister’s wedding. She was marrying Dal Fry, son of Art and Margie Fry. That’s part of how Art ended up as a character in Steve’s book, The Wail of the Wendigo. The book is a young adult adventure... Read more


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Issue: 2016-08-25, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

Seeds of Change invites locals and visitors to consider the implications of the concept of reconciliation. It’s the summer exhibit in the Gathering Room in the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre in Dawson City. It displays information about the history... Read more

Dawson City

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Issue: 2016-06-16, PHOTO: courtesy of Ingrid Isaac

Did you grow up or work in Tungsten, in the Northwest Territories? If so, you’re invited to a party and might not even know it. Expats from this now defunct mine and community are putting together a reunion June 24 to 28 at Mount Robson Provincial... Read more

Yukon Families

When Edmund Metatawabin's (Ed) residential school memoir, Up Ghost River, jumped off the new-books shelf of the Yukon Public Library and landed in my book bag on top of Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe, I was tempted to blow my whistle and send him Read more


Shirley McLean comes from a family of storytellers and continues the tradition, but adds her own spin. For 17 years she's worked in mainstream and non-mainstream media and produced documentaries on issues focusing on First Nations across Canada. Read more

Yukon People

Generations of First Nations Peoples across Canada are still trying to come to terms with experiences they and their families had in residential schools. A new film called We Were Children is a visual narrative of residential school survivors' exper Read more

Photography - Film

He’s a residential school survivor and the devil was his driver. He knows all about pain ‘cause he was addicted to cocaine. He knows all about being low Read more

Old Crow

For almost a decade now, Halifax-based Busby has focused on public apologies in her installation work of printed materials. Her exhibit, Sorry, was first displayed in 2005. Now it's grown to include Harper for the first time ever on the walls of the Read more

Yukon Arts