Rick Massie

Rick Massie

Yukon Photographer Rick Massie has taken hundreds of photos for What's Up Yukon over the years.  He is often our go to guy for cover shots!  

When Rick first moved to Yukon he held a position as the programs and communications coordinator for the Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon and submitted a column called "Trippin On Tourism" to our quarterly publication "How's Business Yukon"  This publication is no longer produced.

Should you or your business be looking for a photographer we hold Rick in high regard and recommend his service wholeheartedly.  Please do check out his facebook and website below:

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July 17, 2014

While hot dogs are not traditionally considered ingredients for classy dining, Carl Pearce of Antoinette’s Restaurant in Whitehorse begs to differ. Here are four of his creations, which prove that dogs can be a delicacy. Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

The labour market. It's an issue that has been discussed to no end and we still haven't reached a solution. Where do we find staff for our tourism businesses? Of course, we've been presented with numerous options from increasing wages to offering Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-09 PHOTO: courtesy of What’s Up Yukon

I joined the What’s Up Yukon editorial team in late September 2012 and the first edition with my name on the masthead was issue #300, dated October 4, 2012. What followed were 33 months of continual employment, bringing me up to this issue, #436. Read more

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With not one, but two new editors now in harness at What's Up Yukon, our loyal readers may be wondering what that means and how their magazine might be changing. Read more

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Sure, it's easy to handle digital images, but I found out last week that capturing a compelling image for the front cover still requires the artful touch of a true photographer. When Rick Massie asked ... Read more

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Bodybuilders, to state the obvious, have big muscles. Freakishly big muscles ... with veins and tendons sticking out in such ways that remind you that some things are best left covered up. Let's face it, all of those rippling muscles not usually se Read more

Health and Wellness

Those of us in the workforce who are over the age of 30 have one thing in common: we have nothing in common with those under 30. Read more

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  • Grand Ball

    Rick Massie

    Grand Ball

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    Rick Massie

  • Joyce Majiski

    Rick Massie

    Joyce Majiski

  • Jessica Simon

    Photo By: Rick Massie

    Jessica Simon

  • 2017 Skookum Asphalt Charity Pro-Am

    Rick Massie

    2017 Skookum Asphalt Charity Pro-Am

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    Issue: 2015-12-17, PHOTO: Rick Massie

    Singer Hollie Dunkley and Director Rachel Grantham. Handel’s Sing Along Messiah takes place at Whitehorse United Church Dec.18th and 19th