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Issue: 2016-01-21, PHOTO:

You may not be familiar - or comfortable - with eating nutritional yeast, but there’s a variety that’s ideal for health-conscious foodies who want nutritional punch nicely packaged in an easy-to-use ingredient. Nutritional yeast has become fairly... Read more

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Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

Like those who attended the first Sex Pistols concert, I too like to take credit for discovering something revolutionary: the iceberg. In 1996, I attended Grade 9 at the now-defunct Christ the King Junior Secondary on Nisutlin Drive in Riverdale. Read more



Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of Tristan Fox

Many of us were introduced to dessert combined with music was through Tchaikovski's Nutcracker. Imagery of Spanish chocolate, sugar plum fairies, lemonade waters, and a kingdom of sweets delights viewers while the orchestra plays on. Read more

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Kim Barlow's Send-Off Concert will feature Barlow playing with Helene Beaulieu, Dave Haddock, Andrea McColeman, Lonnie Powell and Micah Smith, as well as special guests Kim Beggs, Natalie Edelson Bob Hamilton and Daniel Janke. Read more

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Sometime near the end of October, I was making pumpkin soup with a friend of mine. There was one missing ingredient: fish sauce. We meticulously sifted through the shelves of a local grocery store, but came up empty-handed. Read more

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