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Barbe Yukon Columnist Rob Millar shows Yukoners how to BBQ most anything!

In retrospect, I was quite fortunate Miss Wright accepted my humble hand in marriage. At the time I met her I was gleefully stumbling along through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing - with the outside exception of wedlock - no evil. Read more

We were dropped off on the beautiful deserted Tongan island of Kenutu by Steve and Leslie, piloting the 38-foot Mutiny, which they had only recently sailed across the Pacific. Read more

Singapore is certainly deserving of this year's coveted "Most Unique Thing to Steal Award". Read more

If you think pig wrestling is difficult, you have probably never tried cheese rolling. Last year, 19 SPECTATORS were injured at the Cooper's Hill cheese rolling contest, apparently injured due to overcrowding. Read more

If you have to get your head so close to the bbq grill when you light it that you need welding goggles for protection from the ensuing flash, you are doing something very wrong and may be in serious trouble. Read more

Possibly the most important question facing the cooking community as a whole today: "Is there a 'Barbecue God'?" Read more

A tribal counsel in Borneo has fined a man and his lover four buffalo and a pig as punishment for having an extramarital affair, seemingly a rather excessive judgement as they were probably related. Read more

Just the mention of Organic Aloha Lu'au BBQ Seasoning and Rub, and you can imagine the gentle evening breeze as it whispers through the swaying fronds of the coconut palms. Read more

The National Association of Professional Organizers, a group without a single solitary male in it, sounds like an unnecessarily belligerent organization to me. I wonder if they might be the same group responsible for giving men directions in the car Read more

Imagine having the ability to create a small active volcano using only onion rings, vegetable oil and a very special secret sauce. I have seen it myself. This little gem, created by master chefs, comes from the country that also gave us origami. Read more

Every respectable barbecue chef knows that you may have a difficult time barbecuing Mexican dishes. The beans continually fall through the grill. Maybe it has something to do with all of the Coronas during the food-preparation process. Read more

Testing the temperature of the barbecue grill using your nose is not a good idea. You can ask my buddy Kelly Kirby, yourself, why he prefers this innovative method. Read more

Very few people have ever heard of the "halibut toss", which can only be described as riveting if you happen to be fortunate enough to catch a rare live performance. Read more

After tiring myself out by completing my myriad husbandly duties the other day, my better half recognized my depleted energy level and took over the job of feeding the troops. Read more

Hunting can be a good-news, bad-news scenario, depending on whether you are the hunter or the huntee. Take, for example, the 21-foot-long South African crocodile that hunted and caught a young springbok that was drinking at the river. Read more

As the old saying goes, "It is not about the size of your lure, it is all in the presentation." Read more

New Zealanders are outnumbered by sheep by about 15 to 1. They also love to travel, hence the "lights out" line. Read more

"Men will cook if danger is involved," writes comedienne Rita Rudner, which pretty much explains my love for the barbecue. I once bought a quarter of beef...." Read more


The primeval need to flash-up the grill is totally irresistible ... an innate, desperate need passed down through led to believe it is possible to create a time-honoured delicacy, which may or may not include some type of chocolate sauce. Read more

This is a special column just for you Cheechakos. If you are a Sourdough, you already know this stuff. Flip the page and you will find a delightful column by Rob Millar on how to barbecue tofu. Read more


Rob Millar is my hero. He writes our Barbe-Yukon column which means, of course, he is an expert barbecuer. Right there, that makes him more of a man than I. Read more