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Dear Peter - My brain was obviously on hold when I read your email requesting an article for the Men’s Issue. Somehow, I got the impression you wanted a learned treatise on men’s issues. For two weeks, I Googled like a madman and slogged through ... Read more

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Chris Collin offers the “Address to a Haggis”, the first Burns’ verse of the evening in 2014 photo by Dan Davidson

Despite claims of memoirists galore, who say they walked the Chilkoot Pass with Robert Service, the man now known as the bard of the Yukon arrived in Whitehorse via the White Pass and Yukon Route Read more

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The term 'toast' is derived from a time when an actual piece of stale bread, sometimes spiced, would be placed in the wine, and possibly the first reference is found in none other than Shakespeare. Whether this made the bread or the wine palatable is Read more

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