Robert Service Cabin


Issue: 2019-08-21, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

Dawson City would not be nearly as well-known as it is without the writings of three men who lived here for parts of their lives. Read more

Dawson City

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Issue: 2016-09-29

Though best known for his 15 collections of verse (a term he preferred to poetry in reference to his own work) Robert Service also wrote novels. Between 1909 and 1927, he produced some genre material: adventure, mystery, science fiction and horror. Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2016-01-14 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

Not too long ago if you wanted to find Berton House, the home of the Berton House Writers’ Retreat, you would have been directed to 8th Avenue and told to look at the building across the street from Parks Canada’s Robert Service Cabin site. Read more

Dawson City

Taking a stroll along the Writers' Block — from the corner of 8th Avenue and Hanson Street to the corner of 8th and Firth — you find yourself sandwiched between Berton House and Robert Service's Cabin at the top end. Read more

Dawson City

Since it was 29°C at my house, and certain to climb past 30°C as the sun moved to the western part of the sky, this seemed a silly question, but I responded politely. Read more

Dawson City

Dawson survives as it does because it had prominent champions among the wordsmiths of the 20th century. Read more

Dawson City

There are strange things found on the Internet when you're surfing just for fun. There's misinformation galore and yet, there's no way to get it undone. I won't even apologize to Robert Service because I'm here to defend his honour. Read more