Robyn Farrow

This column is courtesy of the Department of Education.

Robyn Farrow is employed under the Student Training and Employment Program. Her column features other students who are making the most of their educational opportunities.

Hired as an archiving assistant, Conal Slobodin's curiosity left him wanting to fill holes in the union's records. He started to question past unclear documents, so his supervisor encouraged him to dig deeper. Read more

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Juan Ruiz decided to give the new baby elk at Yukon Wildlife Preserve a very exotic name. Carlos, the three-week-old calf, came to the preserve from the Takhini Herd. He spends his days keeping Chloe, a rescued month-old moose, company Read more

Yukon Wildlife

Davidge works in all functions of the funeral home with the exception of finalizing contracts. Before starting at Heritage North, two years ago, she'd only been to two funerals. Now, she can't even recall how many she's assisted at. Read more

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