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It turns out Haru is a guy who normally lives in Tokyo where he directs segments for an independent television production company (or as near as I could glean from his explanation on the phone). Turns out I have a camera he likes to use. Turns out I Read more

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A group of movie lovers gathers on a frigid Sunday in Whitehorse. In an apartment living room, they watch movies and eat popcorn. They laugh with a good comedy and are swept away with a gripping drama. But the home of Yukon Film Society president Mic Read more

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The Beatles

Our favourite Beatle tells others volumes about our personalities. And it is universal among people over 30 because most of us have a favourite Beatle. Read more


Every Easter weekend for the past six years, short films from the Yukon and around the world (this year countries such as Japan, Russia, Poland and Estonia, and others were represented). Curtis emphasizes the community input — both from filmmakers an Read more

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Dennis Fentie is the premier of the Yukon and watches over an annual budget of $550 million ... but I don't care about that. I do care that he likes to play Bridge and, before he lost most of his free time to that government job thingy of his ... Read more

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