Rosemarie Briggs

Rosemary Briggs and her mother Liesel Briggs promote their tiny charity and the work they are doing. "Hands of hope"  Check out their Facebook page: and their gofundme campaign: . 

Hands of Hope  raises money for young students in Nepal who desperately want an education and a better community. They build libraries,  support orphans and provide basic living needs for impoverished children.

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Issue: 2015-03-19 PHOTO: courtesy Ruth Lera

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Making A Difference!

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Making A Difference!

Imagine children, some as old as 17, who have never held a book – never read a book in their own language Liesel Briggs and her daughter Rosemarie have handed books to children in Nepal and India. Their passion is to provide "books and basics". Read more

Making A Difference!