Issue: 2018-10-24, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

Once upon a time, “back in the days” (last year, in October) when the Greyhound bus still existed, a garter snake slithered out of the way, a pronghorn bounced over a fence, and I happened to step into cactus. This is the beginning of a most... Read more

Travel Outside


Issue: 2018-10-03, PHOTO: Pixabay

I’ve already mentioned how easy it was to provoke calls on my radio open-line show in Charlottetown in the 1970s, by inviting listeners to share either recipes or gardening tips. One desperate morning, I stumbled across a topic that lit up the... Read more


P1-2017-10-25-KenBolton-JazzOnWing-Plato - Copy.jpg

Issue: 2017-10-25, PHOTO: courtesy of Karin Plato

Have you heard the one about the farmer’s daughter, the music teacher, the composer and the jazz singer? It’s not a joke. They’re all the same person: Karin Plato. Although she has called Vancouver home since 1985, Plato grew up on a grain farm... Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2017-09-20, PHOTO: Kim Melton

Raspberries, blueberries, crowberries and cranberries: being on Yukon time means planning your weekends around where to pick once the – dare I say it? - latter part of summer rolls around and hints at fall. There is one berry fairly new to the... Read more

Wild Harvest


Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTOS: Christie Goodwin

When Jolie Angelina McNabb was buried 16 years ago, Kwanlin Dün elders gave her the name, Blue Feather Eagle Woman. The Bluefeather Music Festival started in 2010 as a tribute concert to Jolie, who committed suicide. She had a dream, that she... Read more

Yukon Music

gurdeep-bhangra - 44.jpeg

Issue: 2016-09-08, PHOTO: Christian Kuntz Photography

On the first of August, Gurdeep Pandher celebrated 10 years in Canada. “It’s been such a wonderful journey,” he says. His voice is light and full of joy and laughter. In the past decade, Pandher has lived in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the... Read more

Yukon Active

Sandy Bonny.JPG

Issue: 2016-04-21, PHOTO: courtesy of Sandy Bonny

Unlike many a published author, Saskatoon writer Sandy Bonny didn’t study to become one. It just happened. “I haven’t got an English degree,” she says, “and didn’t train or apprentice purposefully with literary mentors before my first... Read more


Jam Image 1 - Copy.jpg

Issue: 2016-03-10

One thing I often notice about winter is the way it makes you really appreciate warmth. It feels great to get out of the cold, cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy a hot beverage while you jealously flick through pictures online of other people’s... Read more

mustard1 (2).jpg

Issue: 2015-07-09 PHOTO: Dion Zdunic

Mustard. It calls to mind sausages, one side of the inside of a sandwich (the meat side), pretzels, Dijon, grainy, spicy, Germany, France, omnipresent condiment, pestle and mortar, seeds, curry, and for some reason, fine beer. But Saskatchewan? No. Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

Neil Pert, in his book Ghost Rider, said that for "the 'armchair traveller', it's only the vicarious, pristine experiences they want to share ... not the unhygienic, exhausting reality ... the solitary traveller is frequently invested by others with Read more

Yukon Outside

Man, could I ever have used a Rendezvous this year. The past month was a particularly dark sinkhole of a time for yours truly, and unfortunately these flatlanders in the town they call "Toon", only seem to get together and celebrate when the... Read more


For a skeptic, I sure do scare easy. While I stand by the tenet that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof", it really doesn't take all that much to scare the living bejeebers out of me. I'm a nerd. Suspending my disbelief is a part of... Read more


Bonjour! Si t'était pas au courant, je suis le régissuer pour la production de Bonneau et la Bellehumeur pour La Troupe Du Jour, une compagnie de théatre à Saskatoon. I'm pretty sure I spelled all that decently enough. Read more


As I shove my hands into the remnants of last night's revelry, dripping what can only be described as garbage juice, I mouth what may not be necessarily words, but sounds that still express the emotional quotient of my current well-being. "Ewww! ... Read more


I'm generally not one to gauge the success of my summer by small degrees, but there are certain small, simple moments that make life grand. Allow me to paint you a picture. There is a nary a breeze in the parking lot of the Travelodge hotel... Read more


"You can't please 'em all." Now there's an oft-spouted aphorism from the comedy world, lemme tell you. This is a general kind of excuse you can drop to someone who has walked off the stage, not to thunderous applause but to deafening silence... Read more


Perspective – use it or lose it. Words I've been pondering quite a lot lately. Recently I was noticing how much I dwelt on things I've left behind in the Yukon. While I was on a grand new adventure, I couldn't help but resent having to... Read more


This summer, I discovered I had an unconscience reason for leaving the Yukon. I was sitting in a Winnipeg movie theatre, my body comfortably slumped into the plush reclining seat. I stretched my legs (I know! There was ROOM!) and readied myself... Read more


This year I will completely, absolutely and wholeheartedly do my best to not start my articles with hyperbole! Indeed, for an opening joke, I chose a particularly weak one ... call your ombudsman. I have quite a lot on my mind as time marches... Read more