Sheldon McRae

Whitehorse resident Dennis Allen has crafted a successful career out of telling stories close to his heart: stories of life and culture of the people of the North. Read more

Yukon Culture

Blackstone is a raw, authentic drama that tells the story of the fictitious Blackstone First Nation, suffering disintegration by its own corrupt leadership. From within the community, young leaders emerge opposing the status quo to create lasting and Read more

Photography - Film

Shirley McLean comes from a family of storytellers and continues the tradition, but adds her own spin. For 17 years she's worked in mainstream and non-mainstream media and produced documentaries on issues focusing on First Nations across Canada. Read more

Yukon People

The concept behind the TV series Warrior Games is to bring sport back to where it all began: when elders passed down these wonderful games, both traditional and contemporary, to the youth. Read more

Yukon Active

Generations of First Nations Peoples across Canada are still trying to come to terms with experiences they and their families had in residential schools. A new film called We Were Children is a visual narrative of residential school survivors' exper Read more

Photography - Film