Shelley O'Brien

Shelley O'Brien is a photographer and singer-songwriter. She has an avid passion for the culture, geography and people of the North. You can find her at

This past July, if you were hiking the Chilkoot, you may have caught a glimpse of a woman in a white dress, grubby from travel, walking the iconic trail. Read more

Yukon Arts

Whitehorse resident Clea Roberts is achieving national and international success with her 2010 book of poetry Here Is Where We Disembark. Read more


This music has a long history in the territory: the jigs and reels of the fiddle have been documented in the North since 1847. In Old Crow, fiddles have been popular since Archie Linklater, a Scot from Manitoba, came to the Yukon and married a Gwitch Read more

Yukon Music

The Bonanza Creek Road winds through piles of dredge tailings—hills of gravel mounded like ground deposited by a gigantic earthworm—and abandoned, rusting mining equipment. Read more

Yukon History

"For me it's becoming clear that I like the craft of songwriting and recording, but I love turning the light on in people," says Shelley O'Brien. "They become so empowered. It's their experience in nature, it's their artist." Read more

Yukon Arts