Sips and Stogies

Angela Szymczuk

Angela Szymczuk is a Whitehorse based freelance writer and she has written several stories for us.  She also has a column called Sips and Stogies 


Angela Szymczuk

Cigar lovers: get ready to drool. In the heart of Philadelphia there is a posh cigar lounge called Ashton Cigar Bar. This trendy hub spot features over 300 whiskeys and 200 top brand cigars. The atmosphere is just as decadent as the cigars, featuring Read more

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Issue: 2016-02-18, PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Deep in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua grows a tobacco that has an elegant yet bold taste. Combine the tobacco from the Jalapa region with other tobaccos from different areas of Nicaragua and you get a lovely cigar called Casa Magna Colorado. Read more

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Issue: 2016-02-04, PHOTO:

Yukoners are no stranger to harsh winters. However, we don’t mind it as we are used to the snow and the cold and we’ve found a way to adapt ourselves to this chilly side of mother nature. For the cigar company CAO they decided to capture the... Read more

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Issue: 2015-12-17, PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

I have read A Christmas Carol many times, but I can't seem to recall is if Ebenezer Scrooge smoked a cigar or a pipe, or even smoked at all. Perhaps Mr. Scrooge (prior to his ghostly visits) would have been too penny pinching to splurge on a box... Read more

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Issue: 2015-12-10 PHOTO: Emily Lindley

The Christmas season is upon us. For cigar lovers, this is a perfect excuse to indulge and order up a nice selections of stogies. For those who live in Whitehorse, there happens to be a store where you can get the best cigars Cuba has to offer. Read more

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Issue: 2015-11-12 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Different types of tobacco are grown throughout the beautiful country of Brazil – each with its own special taste. The good people at the CAO cigar company thought this was something worth commemorating. Thus, the CAO Brazilia cigar was created. Read more

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Issue: 2015-10-29 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

While the chip and candy industry churns out boxes of treats for the kids, there lies another type of treat adults can enjoy at Halloween: creepy cigars. With names like Insidious, Exorcist, and Warlock, there is a niche market of cigars with... Read more

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Issue: 2015-10-15 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was known for being an avid cigar smoker. Among his favourite brands were Romeo and Juliet, and Camacho. In fact, six years ago, a Camacho cigar that belonged to Churchill was estimated to be worth between... Read more

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Issue: 2015-09-24 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

We may never know what started the infamous feud between Shakespeare’s Montagues and Capulets, but I can tell you the nature of the feud between Romeo and Alec. The Romeo I refer to is the cigar brand Romeo y Julieta, and Mr. Alec hails from the... Read more

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Issue: 2015-09-10 PHOTO:: Angela Szymczuk

For some reason I just can't seem to stay away from the Gurkha’s. When I first started enjoying cigars about 8 years ago, Romeo y Julieta was my starter brand. Over the years my curiosities swayed between different brands. Read more

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Issue: 2015-08-27 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Yes, TV and movies in colour are enjoyable and entertaining, but there is something about black-and-white film that sparks intrigue - especially the genre known as film noir. In my opinion, the acting in these films was perfect. Read more

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Aug 13 Sips & Stogies - Black Bengal.jpg

Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Yes, the promised land was intended for Moses and the Hebrews. But that was in the BC era. In the AD era, CAO, a Nashvillebased cigar house, gave way to Black, a promised land in itself. CAO started out in 1968 as a pipe making factory. Read more

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July 30 Sips and Stogies.jpg

Issue: 2015-07-30 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

How good is your knowledge of Greek mythology? Yes, we all know about the heavy hitters such as Zeus and his Olympian brothers, Poseidon and Hades. We may know about Gaia and Demeter and others whose names have landed a place in popular culture. Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-16 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

We all know the story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if Mr. Wonka had a secret room that produced fine cigars. I imagine the room would have the scents of chocolate, butter, ... Read more

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Issue: 2015-07-02 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Howdy. We all know how things are “bigger in Texas”. Alec Bradley knows it. The American cigar company has been producing cigars for 20 years. With over 15 varieties to choose from, Bradley has quite the following. Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-18 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Let’s talk Gurkha. No, it’s not a new language, but given all the variations it has, it very well could be. Gurkha is a brand that’s been making cigars since 1887. “Gurkha” refers to soldiers from Nepal. Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-04 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Let’s take a trip back in time, circa 1997. The Simpsons, season 8, episode 9. Homer goes to a chilli cook-off. Unimpressed by the selection, he makes a final stop at Chief Wiggum’s chilli station. Wiggum warns Homer, “I have added an extra... Read more



Issue: 2015-05-21 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Peep this — the word cigar comes from the Latin word cicala, which means “large insect”. When the Spanish started discovering cigars in the 1700s, they turned cicala into cigarra, since cigars resembled the shape of a cicala. Read more


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Issue: 2015-05-07 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Mark Twain once said, “If I cannot drink bourbon and smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go.” Ah yes, there is something about that pairing that sends connoisseurs into a dream world. Today I will explore this world. Rather than go for traditional... Read more

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