Issue: 2016-12-14, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

If you have hiked up Kusawa Ridge, you may have spotted a rectangular lake below. This small lake is tucked away alongside the Kusawa Road, right beside the Takhini River and isn't visible from the road, from the river, nor from Kusawa Lake. This... Read more

Yukon Winter

This year the skating started for me on October 22 after I woke up to -22 C. The morning before, the yard was full of deer prints. They had come and gone without us noticing. I took my bike out to investigate the tracks, with the intention of ending Read more

Yukon Outside

The phone line to the west coast of Ireland splutters and squawks before finally going dead. For the few short minutes that conversation is possible, the melodic Scottish burr at the other end is unmistakably that of Ayrshire-born singer-songwriter. Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2012-03-22

Wrangling four Special Olympics athletes for a week of national-level competition in an unfamiliar city is not for the faint of heart. But 74-year-old Bill Wasylenko handled it with a smile on his face. Read more

Yukon Active

A small gang of eager, young skaters hangs off the side of the players' bench. Outfitted in snowsuits, oversized mittens and colourful toques tucked under black hockey helmets, they thump their boot-bound feet on the inside of the boards and gaze ou Read more

Yukon Active

Gabe Rivest's famous hockey-playing video at Windy Arm that went viral on YouTube just before Christmas made us drive out to Kusawa Lake. Thank you, Gabe. Read more

Yukon Winter

Last month, I was at Takhini Arena at 7 o’blessed clock in the morning to interview some figure skaters. I waited until I returned to the office before seeking sympathy because these figure skating folk do this a couple of times a week . Read more

Yukon Active

Kevin Caron measures the time to the Canada Games by the number of spins he can do in the air. The pre-novice figure skater figures he will have a triple jump nailed by the time the Canada Games comes to Whitehorse in 2007. Read more

Yukon Active