Snow Clearing


Issue: 2019-05-01, Photo: Dan Davidson

The melting season is upon us with a vengeance, spoiling all the plans I had for a series of columns about street clearances in Dawson. On March 7, I had a lovely photo of the large piles of snow along Front Street, showing the work done by the... Read more

Dawson City

2nd Ave.jpg

Issue: 2016-04-21, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

The streets of Dawson vary in size, height, width and smoothness with the seasons. In spite of snowfall and the need to plough them, they are really at their best in the winter, when the hard-packed snow fills in all the possible places where... Read more

Dawson City

Curling roof clearance.jpg

Issue: 2016-02-11, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

“So, how many times have you used that plug this winter?” came the question from my fellow citizen today at the Post Office. He was looking at the plug attached to the three varieties of engine heater (block, oil pan and battery blanket) that are... Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2015-12-10 PHOTO: Kirsten Scott

Last Friday I returned from a run to find The Frenchman shovelling snow. The end result is like an iced cake: smooth, precise and clean. It’s peculiar how one can go from being wrapped in one’s tiny world to having a sudden connection with things... Read more

Dawson City

Puddle time (2).jpg

Issue: 2015-04-30 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

Dawson has entered that phase of spring I call Puddletime. City workers have been trying to keep up by opening storm drains. The rapidly accumulating melt-water makes its way to the river, but it’s a losing battle. The darn streams freeze up again... Read more

Dawson City

Dawson's streets will be wider and lower by the time you read this column. There will be the odd large puddle around town, especially at the corners where grates for the storm drains are located, but it won't be anything like it might have been if... Read more

Dawson City

Call me crazy, but I kind of like shovelling snow. Given my advanced age and generally sedentary lifestyle, it would probably be wiser to delegate that task to some neighbourhood kid. But with a driveway roughly the size of Taylor Field, at today's Read more

Yukon Winter

It almost happened. That one sickening moment when we Yukoners look out the window and say, "That's it ... no more." It was the morning of Saturday, Feb. 7, when our drapes opened to reveal a wall of snow descending upon our homes, our vehicles and Read more

Yukon Winter