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Every year Yukon Sourdough Yukon Society searches far and wide for Yukon's Primo Male. Once the candidates are found there is a series of competitions each year.  In the past these have included Lip Sync, Bare n' Boot, Kielbasa Eating, and Dance Fever competitions.  All of these leading to the final Sam Knighting.

The Sourdough Sam show not only looks for Yukon's primo male, but all the funds raised at these events go directly to KIDSFEST - ensuring that all kids/family events that YSR produce are 100% free of charge to participate in!


Issue: 2018-12-19, PHOTO: Erik Pinkerton Photography

After eight years, the traditional Bachelor Auction is getting a makeover! The title sponsor, Beauty Bar Hair & Esthetics Lounge is proud to introduce the first Sourdough Sam Date-off & Auction. This fresh take on the traditional winter singles... Read more

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Issue: 2017-02-15, PHOTO: courtesy of Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous

Winter cold and dark got you down? Yukoners can lift their spirits and take a mid-winter break at this year's Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. Preliminary events are already solidly underway, such as the Can Can Kick Off, which took place Feb. 9 and... Read more

Yukon Culture


Issue: 2015-02-19 PHOTO: courtesy Eric Walker

Early in 2008 my mother saw me on the cover of the Whitehorse Star wearing nothing but a straw skirt and a bottle of our local beer. That is how she found out I was running for Sourdough Sam. I don't think she was shocked to see me in women's wear Read more

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