The Gaslight Follies

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July 10 Issue

When Conrad Boyce wandered into the Palace Grand Theatre this June he experienced déjà vu. He was in the theatre for an evening performance of A Night at the Grand Opera House, 1899. Read more

Dawson City

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July 3-2014

The second full revival season has been launched at the Palace Grand theatre. Marveling at the theatre is past due; It’s time to celebrate that the theatre is hosting more than daytime Parks Canada programming. Read more

Dawson City

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June 2014

The Commissioner’s Residence sits on Front Street, just past St. Paul’s Anglican Church, in Dawson City. Read more

Dawson City

It has, unfortunately, been a number of years since a really top-notch piece of stagecraft graced the boards at the Palace Grand Theatre on a regular basis. Read more

Dawson City