The Sophisticated Cavemen

Once again, the streets of Whitehorse will be bare as its citizens flock to the next big summer weekend event. On this weekend, July 29 to Aug. 1 2010, the draw will be the Southeast Alaska State Fair in Haines, Alaska. Read more


It seems that the busier Gary Bailie gets, the happier he is. The producer of the annual Blue Feather Music Festival 2009 receives every new task as proof that this ninth, annual event is coming together bigger and better than last year. Read more

Yukon Music

Watching Ivan Zenovitch play is as exciting as listening to him. His fingers dance across the neck and strings of his guitar in amazingly complex patterns of notes and chords. It's all the more amazing since Zenovitch is hard of hearing. Read more

Yukon Music

Everyone at Whitewater Wednesday (and its spin-off Saltwater Saturday) knows that any band with Rick Sward is guaranteed to be fun ... and The Sophisticated Cavemen is no exception. Read more

Yukon Music