The Sourtoe Cocktail Club

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Issue: 2016-11-16, PHOTO: courtesy of Elke Reinauer

My African friends think that Yukoners are cannibals. When I told them the story about the Sourtoe Cocktail I expected the usual reaction: laughter and amusement. But instead I got wide-open eyes and mouths asking me: “You did this?” they asked me... Read more

Travel Outside

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Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

Just a week or so ago the newly published Atlas Obscura, subtitled, “An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders,” arrived on my desk sporting an enthusiastic recommendation from fantasy and comic book writer, Neil Gaiman. It’s a 470 page... Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2015-05-07 PHOTO: Miche Genest

There was fog hugging the ground at La Guardia Airport. Flights had been cancelled all day. My companions and I sat in Ottawa, checking the board and watching our fl ight get delayed. We sipped Pinot Grigio. We ate nachos. Finally, finally, ... Read more


I would take Yukon Jack with me on this trip to Europe because Yukon Jack knows everybody and he would be the ‘ best bang for my buck’. Read more

Condor Contest

Thousands of people have touched their lips to Captain Dick Stevenson's inventive libation and have swallowed the notion that it is part of Dawson's quaint charm. A few have gone further and swallowed the toe itself, and that's exactly what happened Read more

Dawson City

There are strange things done in the land of the midnight sun. Captain Dick ended Read more

Old Crow

I'm in Dawson City, Yukon. It is 10:30 pm on a Sunday night and I find myself walking the icy boardwalks as a few brave and hearty ravens fly overhead. Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2010-11-04

American liquor connoisseurs have Canada to thank for keeping their palates wet during Prohibition, as it was Canadians who made sure they didn't go thirsty. In fact, in its heyday Canadian-based Seagrams was the largest distiller in the world. It' Read more


Yukon legend Dick Stevenson earned his status honestly, which, according to Captain Dick's Au'toe'biography: One Toe of a Tale, is a rarity for the captain of the Yukon Lou and the creator of the SourToe Cocktail. Read more