The Yukon Association for Community Living (YACL)


Issue: 2019-12-11, PHOTO: Pixabay

On Dec. 14, Yukoners have the option to put some of their holiday shopping dollars towards the support of local entrepreneurs who are living with intellectual disabilities. Inclusion Yukon will host a Christmas Fair alongside its annual open house. Read more

Making A Difference!


Issue: 2017-11-22, PHOTO: courtesy of Yukon Association For Community Living

On Saturday, December 2, the Yukon Association for Community Living (YACL) is having its annual Christmas Craft Fair and Open House. I stopped by their location on Fourth Avenue and spoke to Shonagh McCrindle, the employment program coordinator... Read more

Yukon Christmas

Mallorys Postering.jpeg

Issue: 2017-02-15, PHOTO: Yukon Association for Community Living

Mallory Pigage is a 26-year-old woman with an apartment in downtown Whitehorse, a large network of friends and her own business. A true Yukon success story, Mallory is determined to focus on her capabilities rather than her limitations, and has... Read more

Yukon People

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Issue: 2016-10-19, PHOTO: Joanna Sharp

Jess and Brady are happily married. Their love story began like many others – they got to know each other while working shifts together at the local movie theatre and feelings blossomed as they started spending more and more time together... Read more

Health and Wellness


Issue: 2016-06-02, PHOTO:

He’s only 24 years old, but American pianist Matt Savage has had a 15-year professional career as a jazz musician, playing with some of the biggest names in jazz including Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis and Chaka Khan. People Magazine described... Read more

Health and Wellness

Video Camera

The Yukon Association for Community Living is trying something they’ve never done before: they’re entering the film business. The organization has a mission is to advocate for, and support individuals with developmental disabilities.... Read more

, Yukon Local Business

The Yukon Association for Community Living (YACL) was abuzz with excited people when I walked in from the frozen weather on Wednesday, December 5. It was my first time at the YACL resource centre located in Whitehorse at the Yukon Inn Plaza, though n Read more

Yukon Music

Like a Diamond, Like Me launched with readings and signings to a standing-room-only crowd on November 25. Read more


The air crackles with energy as members of the Ynklude Art Troupe rehearse for their next stage outing. Laughter and chatter abound as producer Julie Robinson explains changes in the lineup, adding a few more saxophone solos by Hayley Hulushka ... Read more

Yukon Music

The piece they are rehearsing at the Yukon Association for Community Living office/studio is called Snow in Summer. It begins with Charlie Wilson and Brit Cowper at the edge of the audience – in this case, the stage crew.... Read more

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