Tim Hortons


Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: Alexander Weber

Gruelling. Gruelling is the word used to describe the West Coast Trail in the official online guidebook. The trail is a 75-kilometre backpacking trek, situated on the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island. Read more

Travel Outside

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Whats Up Yukon January 29, 2015

I learned many lessons from Alan Baer, and one was to relish the spectacular vistas that were the backdrop of our aerial classroom Read more

Yukon People

We need something Canadian-ish to grab onto to hold this country together in a bond of humour ... the gentle, self-effacing humour that we are famous for. It has to be something that can be found anywhere (like Tim Hortons) and unassuming.... Read more


It’s not easy being a member of a minority group in the Yukon. I suffer regular incidents of dis- crimination where jokes and insults are made at my expense. I am denied jobs, wealth, prestige and power all due to my ethnic heritage. Read more