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Issue: 2018-11-14, PHOTO: courtesy of the Yukon Comic Culture Society

The second annual Geek the Halls craft fair is a different affair than the larger, more established craft fairs. But the vendors participating are a different sort of crafters and artists than the traditional Yukon crafters... Read more



Issue: 2018-07-11, PHOTO: BagoGames on

Titan Gaming and Collectibles is adding Fortnite to its menu of gaming options, and they’re marking the occasion with a kickoff tournament on July 14. Fortnite launched as a paid-for game on July 25, 2017, that encouraged cooperative play between... Read more



Issue: 2018-05-30, PHOTO: Rick Massie

As the only gaming café and comic book store in Whitehorse, Titan Gaming and Collectables is a one-of-a-kind concept North of 60. Founded in 2005 by life-long comic-book lover and avid gamer Shawn Underhill, the space has become a rallying point... Read more

Yukon Local Business

P5-2018-02-13-Kylie Campbell-National Poutine Day (copy).jpeg

Issue: 2018-04-25, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

The First Poutine I had to start somewhere, but my first poutine should be the best, right? So, I queried the public to ask – where is the perfect poutine in Whitehorse? With the most votes on my public poll, I got my first taste of fries, cheese... Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

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Issue: 2017-08-23, PHOTO: Courtesy of Reid Vanier

Comic geeks and freaks, fanboys and fangirls, cosplayers and costume enthusiasts, the time has come to don your crimson capes, cardboard shields and carefully crafted cutouts! This year’s cosplay contest will take place on August 26th as part of... Read more



Issue: 2016-09-29, PHOTO: by Jessica Prentice

On October 1, the Yukon Comic Culture Society will invite Yukoners of all ages and experience to leave their solitary art holes and create comics alongside one another for 12 straight hours. If you’ve heard of the Nakai 24-Hour Playwriting... Read more



August 7, 2014 Issue

If you didn’t know that the Yukon has a thriving nerd community, you aren’t alone. Given both the North’s reputation for robustness and the long-ingrained notion of fragility associated with nerds, it isn’t surprising that a comic and gaming convent Read more


For Whitehorse gamers, the Friday night Magic card tournament at Titan Gaming & Collectibles is an institution, a chance to meet and test their skills against the best in the city for a modest store credit. Read more


Crystal Light has become my new best friend. You see, you can take your mundane water right from the tap and, one powdery package later, you have one instant ticket to flavour country! Even as my two fingers scurry across the keyboard, my taste... Read more


I once made the happy mistake of surfing on eBay, shall we say, under the influence. I say "mistake" as I found out, in a haze the next day, that I had won an online auction for something to the tune of 150 dollars. But I say it was a happy... Read more


This summer, I discovered I had an unconscience reason for leaving the Yukon. I was sitting in a Winnipeg movie theatre, my body comfortably slumped into the plush reclining seat. I stretched my legs (I know! There was ROOM!) and readied myself... Read more