Tom Rudge

Real Food Columnist Tom Rudge farms with his wife, Simone, and children, Claire and Graham, at Aurora Mountain Farm, one of several certified organic farms in the Yukon.


Issue: 2016-01-14 PHOTOS: Rick Massie

Smooth and brown, the eggs slip through the machine where they are held up one at a time to the light. The light shines through the shells and illuminates the interior of the egg and then the machine moves the egg down the light so the next egg... more

Jan. 14, 2016 midnight Yukon Food & Drink

Food has been in the news. A lot of it has to do with the issue of food security, food safety and the costs of the food we eat. Locally, we're working hard, literally, to make sure we have an adequate supply of good, wholesome, sustainably produced more

Sep. 30, 2008 midnight The Green Issues

What is the connection between technology and food? Technology so inundates our society that we overlook what technology has done in the food system. We shop for the least-cost fuel, consuming it mindlessly. more

Jul. 18, 2008 midnight The Green Issues

My generation saw the traditional farm gobbled up by corporate agri-business and the cost of food decrease markedly. Today, average consumers pay only 10 per cent of their income on food and the farmer/food producer is the lowest paid person on the f more

Apr. 18, 2008 midnight The Green Issues