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Issue: 2017-12-20, PHOTO: Jenny Trapnell

In a city renowned for its trails, Whitehorse has several informal walking groups to help us connect socially – and stay fit mentally and physically – all year-round. Most Sundays and sometimes Wednesdays, Peter Long and his partner, Wynne Krangle... Read more

Yukon Active

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Issue: 2016-08-18, PHOTO: Paul Burbidge

Kid Vicious, Starbuck's Revenge, Goat. No, not my favorite B-movies, but mountain bike trails christened by those who build and ride them. All of these routes, some gnarly and others more family-friendly, can be found up on Mount McIntyre, where... Read more

Yukon Active

This column is called Wheeler's Walkabout and not Wheeler's Hike, or Wheeler's Trek for a reason: It is just a low-stress introduction to some excellent trails. Most of my outings take an hour or two, and really just get you out of the house. There a Read more

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