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Issue: 2017-02-22, PHOTO: IMDb

The mayor of Chicago is mad as a hatter, but the trains run on time. Having been mayor for a couple of decades, Tom Kane is the ultimate power player; he has a lot to say about which councillors get elected and he wields that power like a mace to... Read more

Photography - Film

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Issue: 2017-02-01, PHOTO: Pixabay

By every statistical quantifier known to man or beast, less one, the upstart Atlanta Falcons don't have much of a chance against the New England Patriots in Sunday's 51st issue of the NFL's Super Bowl or "LI" to those who still count like Romans... Read more

Yukon Active


Issue: 2016-04-28, PHOTO: submitted by the Yukon Comic Culture Society

The International Tabletop Day celebrates board gaming around the world and an event is being hosted in Whitehorse this year by the Yukon Comic Culture Society (YCCS) on Saturday, April 30. The free event takes place at the Whitehorse Public... Read more


Recently, there's been talk in the media concerning an online petition asking the Sesame Street producers to let Ernie and Bert marry each other. Apparently a few hundred quixotic slacktivists agreed, and "signed" this online petition. Read more


The year is 1985. A young Anthony sits crossed-legged in front of the television. The flickering images flashing across his eyes barely register in his stunned mind. Leonard Maltin just gave Ghostbusters a bad review. Read more


Wyk Parish is a self-described "code monkey" who works for a company called Video Design Software, writing the computer programs behind many of the special effects we take for granted on high-profile TV channels. Read more

Yukon Local Business

I'm starting to think the doomsayers are right – perhaps the end is nigh. A chance flicking around the tube this past weekend landed me onto the mind-blowingly ridiculous NBC's Dateline: "The Perils of Parenting". Read more


I'm coming out of the closet – again. This time, for far-nobler purposes than atheism. Indeed, I have found a much-maligned part of society that deserves our complete recognition, adulation and undue attention. I enjoy reality shows ... Now let's... Read more


Did you feel it? Once again, the nation shared a moment of polarization. We were all united in our disdain for the States. And it all came from a little Fox News commentary show called Red Eye. Read more


Watching Extras will make you a better person. Well, maybe not, but if you took the time to watch Ricky Gervais' comedic opus from start to its concluding special, you will have seen one of the greatest comedies on television. True story... Read more


Attention CBC Television fans: Stop watching Royal Canadian Air Farce! Please. I've long felt the need to clearly and confidently state, with the utmost of sincerity, that Air Farce is a terrible show. Read more