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Issue: 2019-07-31, PHOTO: Robert Postma Photography

Dawson Bealieu, known by his stage alias Groan Boy, is instantly recognizable in his blue blazer—the same one he’s wearing on the concert flyers plastered all over town. Read more

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Issue: 2019-03-13, PHOTO: Bruce Binder

Junction Arts and Music (JAM) has a big year planned. After 20 years, close to 400 events and more than 17,000 attendees, they have a lot to celebrate. They kicked off their anniversary year in January, with Sarah MacDougall performing in Haines... Read more

Haines Junction


Issue: 2018-11-28, PHOTO: courtesy of MacBrie Museum

The MacBride Museum of Yukon History has been hosting Music@MacBride, a series of evening shows by local musicians, for 12 years, and will continue this winter in the newly renovated MacBride Museum Aurora Hall... Read more

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Issue: 2016-08-11, PHOTO: by Clare Devenish

“They just don’t stop!” That’s the coordinator of the Yukon Cello Project, Nico Stephenson, describing the energy and enthusiasm his students bring to music class each day. “Whether that’s playing cellos, or playing outside, they just don’t stop.” Read more

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Issue: 2015-02-26 PHOTO: Bruce Barrett

Building an orchestra in a city as small as Whitehorse poses a variety of pesky challenges. How do you fill the bassoonist's chair, for instance? More dauntingly, can you corral enough qualified — and available — players to form a string ... Read more

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Ashu

Whitehorse Concerts Classically Yours Series performer Ashu brings classical complexity from an instrument more typically associated with jazz. Read more

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Take a string quartet: two violins, a viola and a cello. Imagine it whipping up a challenging entrée of Bach. As side dishes, how about some 1930s-era Glazounov romanticism and a bit of contemporary Canadiana? A little Zappa for dessert, perhaps. Read more

At the age of three, Heidi Krutzen announced to her non-musical parents that she wanted to play the harp. She had to settle for the piano until she was nine and big enough to tackle the hefty, 47-string instrument of her choice. Read more

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Listen. That's the word concert pianist Ian Parker expects to use the most while adjudicating the senior piano classes at this week's Rotary Music Festival in Whitehorse. That advice that was drummed into him by his teacher at the Julliard School ... Read more

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It took a lot of coincidence and a lot of miles for concert pianists Lucille Chung and Alessio Bax to cross paths. At the age of six, the Montreal-born Chung persuaded her non-musical parents to let her take piano lessons ... Read more

Yukon Music

It has been called "the clown of the orchestra" and "the burping bedpost", among other things. But it's no laughing matter for Nadina Mackie Jackson. In fact, the Toronto-based musician has made a successful career playing the deep-voiced bassoon ... Read more

Like countless teenagers before and since, Daniel Bolshoy started playing guitar to impress girls. "What I really wanted to do was play electric guitar. I wanted to be the next Eddie Van Halen, or whatever." Read more

Yukon Music

When Caroline Drury-Márkos last performed at the Yukon Arts Centre, she was a jazz crooner with the popular Peter Drury Trio. When she returns next week to kick off the Whitehorse Concerts 2011-12 season, it will be as an opera singer. Read more

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Winston Choi, the pianist, was laureate of the 2003 Honens International Piano Competition and winner of France's 2002 Concourse International de Piano 20e siècle d'Orléans. Minghuan Xu, with her violin, is a winner of the Beijing Young Artists.... Read more

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"We have 'National' in front of our name," says Douglas Burden over the phone, explaining why the National Arts Centre Orchestra would pick its entire self up in Ottawa and travel to the Yukon. Read more

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The Mennonites are known for their love of singing. And that is exactly why the West Coast Mennonite Quartet will be performing at the Yukon Arts Centre March 1. Read more

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