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Issue: 2018-10-31, PHOTO: Hugh Copland

On July 8, 1992, the Whitehorse Star reported a find near Frances Lake of what was stated to be a world-record-sized piece of jade at 577 tonnes. It was speculated to be worth $5.8 billion. There is no consensus on what is the largest piece of... Read more

Yukon Outside

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Issue: 2018-10-10, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

“I’m a fifty-pager,” says Whitehorse writer Pat Ellis, commenting on her preference for producing short history booklets. Her latest, Financial Sourdough Starter Stories—“The Trump Family, from Whitehorse to White House,” the “Klondike Gold Rush”... Read more



Issue: 2018-03-28, PHOTO: courtesy of the Government of Yukon

On Friday, February 18, 1949 under a bold headline reading: “No Excuses, Please,” Horace E. Moore, publisher of The Whitehorse Star, wrote a scathing editorial directed at federal and territorial politicians in which he reminded them 1949 was an... Read more

Yukon History

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Issue: 2017-05-03, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

I’m very jealous of what Whitehorse based Lily Gontard and Mark Kelly have managed to pull off with their delightful book, Beyond Mile Zero: The Vanishing Alaska Highway Lodge Community (published last month, Lost Moose, 240 pages, $24.95). Read more


Practically unheard of - the top 10 books reviewed last year were evenly split between male and female authors. And never before: the number of men and women reviewing books in Canada is nearly equal. That’s what the Canadian Women in the Literary... Read more



Issue: 2015-02-19 PHOTO: courtesy Eric Walker

Early in 2008 my mother saw me on the cover of the Whitehorse Star wearing nothing but a straw skirt and a bottle of our local beer. That is how she found out I was running for Sourdough Sam. I don't think she was shocked to see me in women's wear Read more

Yukon Lifestyle


Chris Collin offers the “Address to a Haggis”, the first Burns’ verse of the evening in 2014 photo by Dan Davidson

Despite claims of memoirists galore, who say they walked the Chilkoot Pass with Robert Service, the man now known as the bard of the Yukon arrived in Whitehorse via the White Pass and Yukon Route Read more

Yukon People

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by Fiona Solon Federoff posing outside his old digs

We get down to business so that I can learn about Vince’s rock’n’roll history , and my first question stumps him -- he can’t remember the name of his first band! We get a good laugh out of that before moving on. Read more

Yukon People

Justine Davidson has been the Whitehorse Star court reporter for three years. Recently I moderated her presentation at the Yukon Mystery Lounge. Below are highlights of the lively discussion. Read more


I gave Justine Davidson, the theatre reviewer for the Whitehorse Star, a long hug at the end of The Laramie Project, the Guild Society/GALA play. Both of us were near tears. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Flo Whyard was born in 1917, in London, Ontario, and grew up in a family of newspapermen and political junkies. Her father sat in the Press Gallery, inside the House of Commons, and wrote his articles at night while Whyard fell asleep... Read more

Yukon People

On the corner of the building at Third and Black, there is an office with no sign above the door. On a quick scan you would be forgiven if you thought the office was abandoned. In fact, this is the office of Mark Prins, who owns and operates... Read more

Yukon People

For the sixth year, Northern film buffs will have the chance to "reconnect with the world and immerse themselves in great film". Andrew Connors, the director of the annual Available Light Film Festival, is satisfied he and his volunteers have found Read more

Photography - Film

Vince Federoff kneels in the January snow. He presses brass thumbtacks into the downtown poster kiosk. He's taken care to cover only an out-of-date poster from New Year's Eve. He steps back and we admire the graceful composition of his photograph ... Read more

Yukon Arts