Call me crazy, but I kind of like shovelling snow. Given my advanced age and generally sedentary lifestyle, it would probably be wiser to delegate that task to some neighbourhood kid. But with a driveway roughly the size of Taylor Field, at today's Read more

Yukon Winter


Issue: 2010-11-04

Sure, he teased us all with an above average fall, but once again Old Man Winter has settled in. Every year there is a hope he might just bypass us all together and maybe visit Osoyoos, but he never does, and therefore we all must learn to adapt. Read more

Yukon Winter

Are you ready for winter? It's a common phrase heard every fall all over the place. What does it take to be ready? Vehicles and houses need to be winterized. On top this, a farmer needs to make sure the animals have a warm place to spend those... Read more

Farm - Garden

A hard frost kills the top growth of even the hardiest plant and may even freeze the top few inches of the soil. It usually happens in later September or early October, while an early frost can hit at anytime in the summer. Read more

Farm - Garden

As you may have guessed from my first column, I am not really an early or late-season rider. I will endure the cold as part of a larger adventure, but not for a Sunday ride. Already the weather is discouraging me from riding. Seeing fallen leaves de Read more

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